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Taiko MLP Mod

Taiko MLP Mod is a modpack for Taiko 3DS3 (Dokodon! Mystery Adventure). It replaces textures and songs with pony versions. It was created as an April Foal's Fool's Day joke and may or may not be updated in the future.

Original website

For the raw HTML website that was created for the joke, click here. Otherwise, scroll down for information and download.


  • 45 songs from MLP G4 animated content (FiM, EqG, the movie)
  • Full difficulty sets for most songs
  • Pony-themed textures and font

Unimplemented features

  • Many graphics are not customized outside of normal play and the settings menu
  • The gauge for Oni difficulty, kusudama are unmodified
  • Most song gameplay graphics (e.g. dancers) are entirely removed
  • Song name graphics and accurate star counts are not implemented
  • Notes do not have proper subtitles due to an issue with Okku

Song list

Songs marked with an asterisk have an Extra/Ura chart.
Songs marked with two asterisks do not have a full difficulty set.


  • A True, True, Friend**
  • Apples to the Core
  • Art of the Dress
  • B.B.B.F.F.
  • Babs Seed
  • Becoming Popular
  • Find the Music in You**
  • Flawless
  • Generosity
  • Glass of Water
  • Hearts as Strong as Horses
  • Let the Rainbow Remind You
  • Love is in Bloom
  • Make a Wish
  • MLP:FiM Theme
  • Raise This Barn
  • The Magic Inside*
  • The Pony I Want To Be
  • The Smile Song*
  • The Spectacle*
  • Winter Wrap-Up
  • You'll Play Your Part
  • You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song


  • A Friend for Life
  • Awesome As I Wanna Be
  • Better Than Ever
  • Cafeteria Song
  • Friendship Through The AGes
  • Legend of Everfree
  • Rainbow Rocks
  • Run to Break Free
  • Shake Your Tail
  • Shine Like Rainbows
  • Tricks Up My Sleeve
  • Under Our Spell

MLP: The Movie

  • I'm The Friend You Need
  • No Better Feelin'
  • Off To See The World
  • One Small Thing
  • Rainbow
  • Time To Be Awesome
  • We Got This Together


  • Days Gone By (It's a Pony Kind of Christmas)
  • Equestria Girls Forever (Angelic)
  • Jingle Bells (It's a Pony Kind of Christmas)


Save data warning

Since this mod replaces base songs with custom ones, getting a greater score than legitimately possible will result in that score staying forever, even if the LayeredFS mod is removed. Therefore, it is highly recommended to back up your save data with Checkpoint or JKSM before installing this mod.

Download the mod here.

It's a LayeredFS mod, so just place the contents of the taiko-mlp folder (romfs and locale.txt) in /luma/titles/0004000000190E00/.


  • Flourishing26 for chart creation and some graphics
  • Team Papafox for Okku converter
  • Hasbro for ponies
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