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Daigasso BBP Custom Songs

This tutorial covers adding custom songs into Daigasso! Band Brothers P (大合奏!バンドブラザーズ), a rhythm game / music creation tool for the 3DS.


  • A modded 3DS running a modern CFW environment
    • These instructions should work on any CFW or homebrew environment (even *hax), but anyone running anything older should still update their setup to the latest
  • A digital or cartridge copy of Daigasso! Band Brothers P

What you need

Song limit warning

The hard song limit is 3700 songs. As the repository contains more than that, you will need to be selective about which songs you want to put into the game.

Section I: Prep Work

  1. Create a folder named degausser3ds in the 3ds folder
  2. Copy degausser3ds.3dsx and degausser3ds.smdh to the /3ds/degausser3ds/ directory
  3. Create a folder named bbpimport (or bbpimportc if you want to edit the imported songs) on the root of your SD card
  4. Copy your BBP files to the bbpimport or bbpimportc folder on your SD card
    • Do not forget the song limit
  5. Insert your SD card into your 3DS
  6. Launch "Daigasso! Band Brothers P"
  7. Click the yellow "作曲" button
  8. Click the top "楽譜作成" button
  9. Click the top "新規作成" button
  10. Click the red "決定" button
  11. Click the red "決定" button
  12. Click the red "保存" button
  13. Click "OK"
  14. Name the song anything (if in doubt, name it "あああ"), then click the red "決定" button once done
    • This will create extdata to allow for song importing
  15. Click the green "やめる" button
  16. Press (Home) to exit to the home menu and close the game

Section II: Song import

  1. Power on your 3DS
  2. Launch the Homebrew Launcher application (or use your exploit of choice to enter Homebrew Launcher)
  3. Launch degausser3ds from the list of homebrew
  4. Press (Y) if you placed your songs in /bbpimport/ and (A) if you placed your songs in /bbpimportc/
    • This will take a while depending on how many songs you are importing
  5. Once done, press START to exit Deguasser3ds
    • If necessary, exit the Homebrew Launcher application


Your songs have been successfully imported and can be selected from the middle-left option in the game.


  • r4bbit (aka wangyu-) for the fork of Degausser
  • Naderino for archiving and maintaining the English repository of BBP files
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