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Converting EPUBs to KEPUBs

A number of applications can be used to convert EPUB files to KEPUB (*.kepub.epub) at your convenience.

Method 1: Calibre

The calibre e-book manager can be used to automatically convert imported EPUB files to KEPUB. Disclaimer: I have little experience with calibre itself.

  1. Navigate to the calibre Preferences menu:

Screenshot: Calibre Preferences

  1. Click "Plugins", under the "Advanced" category

  2. Click "Get new plugins" and search for "KoboTouchExtended", then click "Install", ignoring the security risk

Screenshot: Plugin installation menu

  1. Restart calibre when prompted

Any books imported into Calibre will now be converted to the KEPUB format whenever they are sent to your device.

Method 2: kepubify (offline)

The tool kepubify can be used to convert EPUBs to KEPUBs en masse. You should use it over calibre if you are not using calibre to manage your e-books.

  1. Download kepubify for your operating system (the website should recognize what operating system you are running and serve you the correct download link)
    • macOS users can also install this program with brew install kepubify with the Homebrew package manager
  2. Open a Command Prompt/Terminal window and navigate to the location of kepubify (usually the Downloads folder).
    • macOS and Linux users will need to run the command chmod +x kepubify-darwin-* (macOS) / chmod +x kepubify-linux-* (Linux) before continuing
  3. Run the command kepubify <input-directory> -o <folder>
    • You may need to rename your kepubify-*-* file to kepubify
    • For example, running kepubify C:\Users\<user>\Downloads -o converted would convert all EPUBs in 's Downloads folder and place them in C:\Users\<user>\Downloads\converted

Method 3: kepubify (online)

The user JoooostB has created an online tool to convert EPUB files to KEPUB, powered by the tool above. It is available here. An alternate tool is available from the kepubify creator's website.

  1. On the website, click on the "Select your .epub" box to open your file browser
  2. Navigate to the location of your EPUB, then select it.
  3. Click the cloud icon to upload it to the website.
  4. Your browser should download <filename>.kepub.epub.
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