3DS slotTool Guide

This page is intended for the installation of custom firmware on consoles that currently have Homebrew Launcher access through any entrypoint other than the 3DS Internet Browser.
Installing custom firmware is necessary in order to dump cartridges, mod games, and to use CIA installers like FBI.
This page will not reliably work with Browserhax 2020 (3DS Internet Browser). If you're accessing Homebrew Launcher through that method, follow HBL-USM instead.

Before you start

This guide assumes that you currently have Homebrew Launcher access working on your console on the latest firmware (11.14.0-46). It should work on older firmwares, though.
If your console does not currently have Homebrew Launcher access, you should follow 3ds.hacks.guide instead.

Your left and right shoulder buttons must work in order to follow this guide. If either of those buttons is broken AND you already have your movable.sed, follow Frogtool instead.

What you need

Section I - Prep Work

  1. Copy boot.firm and boot.3dsx from the Luma3DS .zip (Luma3DSv10.2.1.zip) to the root of your SD card, replacing any existing files
    • The root of the SD card refers to the initial directory on your SD card where you can see the Nintendo 3DS folder, but are not inside of it
  2. Create a folder named 3ds on the root of your SD card if it does not already exist
  3. Copy the slotTool folder from the unSAFE_MODE .zip (RELEASE_v1.1.zip) to the 3ds folder
  4. Copy usm.bin from the unSAFE_MODE .zip to the root of your SD card

Screenshot: /3ds/slotTool/ file placement
Screenshot: root of SD card file placement
Note: You might have different otherapp/payload files (otherapp.bin for PicHaxx, /steelhax/ for steelhax) depending on your homebrew entrypoint. As long as you're actively able to get into Homebrew Launcher at this time, you can continue.

Section II - slotTool

  1. Power on your device
  2. Open the Homebrew Launcher through your homebrew entrypoint (Pokémon Picross or Steel Diver: Sub Wars)
    • This may take a few tries
  3. Launch slotTool v1.4 from the list of homebrew
    • If you get stuck on a red screen, forcefully power off the console by holding the power button for fifteen seconds, then retry this section
  4. Select the "INSTALL exploit to wifi slots 1,2,3 & shutdown" option
    • You will see some on-screen text and then your system will shutdown
    • If the on-screen text says FAIL, verify that the /3ds/slotTool/ directory has both slotTool.3dsx and slotTool.xml

Screenshot: slotTool success

Section III - unSAFE_MODE

  1. With your system still powered off, hold the following buttons: (Left Shoulder) + (Right Shoulder) + (D-Pad Up) + (A), then press (Power)
    • Keep holding the buttons until your console boots into Safe Mode
  2. Press "OK" to accept the update
    • There is no update. This is part of the exploit
  3. Press "I accept" to accept the terms and conditions
  4. The update will eventually fail, with error code 003-1099. This is intended behaviour
    • If the update does not fail, verify that all three of your internet connection settings have been replaced with Haxxxxxxxxxx, then try again
      Screenshot: 003-1099

  5. When asked "Would you like to configure Internet settings?", select "Yes"
  6. On the following menu, navigate to Connection 1 -> Change Settings -> Next Page (right arrow) -> Proxy Settings -> Detailed Setup (visual aid)
  7. Once you see B9S install SUCCESS on the top screen, press any button to reboot to Luma Configuration
    • If you are stuck on the B9S install SUCCESS screen, it is safe to forcefully turn off the console by holding the power button for 15 seconds
    • If you do not see the B9S install SUCCESS screen, ensure that usm.bin is on the root of the SD card, then try again

Section IV - Configuring Luma3DS

  1. Your device should automatically show the Luma Configuration menu
    • If you do not see the Luma Configuration menu, turn off the console and hold SELECT while turning on the console to access it
    • If the power light turns on and off, ensure that boot.firm is on the root of the SD card
  2. Use the (A) button and the D-Pad to turn on the following:
    • "Show NAND or user string in System Settings"
    • (x) indicates that the option has been turned on
  3. Press (Start) to save and reboot
    • Your device should load the Home Menu after a short delay

Section V - Restoring WiFi Configuration Profiles

  1. Launch the Download Play application
  2. Wait until you see the two buttons
    • Do not select either of the options
  3. Press (Left Shoulder) + (D-Pad Down) + (Select) at the same time to open the Rosalina menu
  4. Select "Miscellaneous options"
  5. Select "Switch the hb. title to the current app."
  6. Press (B) to continue
  7. Press (B) to return to the Rosalina main menu
  8. Press (B) to exit the Rosalina menu
  9. Press (Home), then close Download Play
  10. Launch the Download Play application
  11. Your device should load the Homebrew Launcher
  12. Launch slotTool from the list of homebrew
  13. Select "RESTORE original wifi slots 1,2,3"
  14. Your device will reboot
    Screenshot: slotTool removal

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